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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Calling new users is so much fun. I am usually one of the first people in the office that the new hires get to meet. I usually meet them over the phone. I have to explain the rules and show them how to use our systems. This is Outlook; your emails are this and this. I also have to explain how the network drives work. Everyone is up to par and can understand their personal drive (will call it X: [it’s not x but I’m not going to give out all my secretes]). They understand what the public drive is. I also have to tell them to not keep things on their desktop as it is not backed up. You have a personal drive, please use it.

I also have to tell them the rules. No surfing on sites that could get you in trouble i.e. porn, hacking, hate, etc. I have to tell them that everything they do is being logged. I have to show them how to use the terminal server. I usually have to explain that there passwords for everything is the same. Yes, we run a network that is not a bastard. We don’t force you to change your password monthly, because all that will do is create passwords with a rolling number i.e. Summer2000 then Summer2001. Think about it. Every time you are in a network with this type of password schema you end up just using a rolling number in your normal password. Yes, we know this. I do it too.

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