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Friday, September 17, 2010

SMS Texting - mobile equipment status failed

I got a new BlackBerry. It’s better than my old Black Berry Curve 8330. This current BlackBerry is a curve 5830. Currently my cell provider here in Canada is Telus. Telus sucks, I get dropped calls and no signal all the time. They are a little better then Bell but not much. My work gave me this phone and surprised me with a locked in contract with this terrible carrier. I used to have no problems. I love my old phone stupidly and had to get this new one.

Now when I’m sitting at work and get a text from my girlfriend, buddy, mom, who ever it’ll send some times. Now of course when I have a problem I don’t call tech support, I Google. I have found a bunch of forums and websites that say you want to pull your battery out.

Sometimes the simple things work the best and remember. Holding down the power button/hang up button just forces your Black Berry into sleep mode. Pulling the battery will fully reboot the device.

If you’re an Iphone nerd it’s like holding down the power button and the circle button at the same time!

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